Excerpts from Course Evaluations

These are a few of the comments left by my students in the course I taught in the fall of 2015, the second half of the American survey.  I had 28 students, 23 of whom completed the course evaluations.  Each comment below came from a different student.

About me as a teacher…

  • “I like Professor Manget a lot, he is very instructive without being a micro-managing professor. He gives us the tools and information we need to make our own conclusions and analyses.”
  • “He was more approachable and interested in the subject matter [than other UGA professors]! I felt like I could email him at almost any point in time or come by the flexible office hours with questions/concerns.”
  • “I really liked him. I felt like he had good control over the material and he explained concepts very well. He was definitely one of my top professors and it was great to be in class with him.”
  • “Luke really took time to learn our names and who we are. I’m a freshman so I am enrolled in mostly lecture classes with hundreds of kids. So it was refreshing to have a teacher who knows who I am.”
  • “He was definitely the most challenging and helpful of all my professors so far. I really enjoyed having him as a professor.”
  • “The professor was very thorough and made tough concepts easy to grasp; given that, the professor ranks among the best I have had so far at UGA.”
  • “This professor was one of my most helpful professors at UGA. He was always available for office hours when I needed to talk to him, he always responded promptly to emails, and was willing to work with me to make sure I understood the material.”
  • “Manget is actually my favorite professor. Very smart, personable, and helpful. I would take one of his courses again if it was offered.”
  • “Professor Manget offered some of the best structured lectures I’ve taken this far at UGA.”

About the course….

  • “It was probably my most demanding course, but not in a bad way! All the assignments were necessary and helpful. Especially all the writing, I feel like my writing skills have improved a lot thanks to this course.”
  • “The course has broadened my perspective towards history in the sense that now, as opposed to seeing history as merely facts, I can see history as a culmination of varying ideas and interpretations.”
  • “The lecture style with occasional discussions was enough for me to learn about the information from the professor while still collaborating with other students and thinking critically about the information in discussions.”
  • “I see history in terms of logical sequences now and think about the bigger picture.”
  • “It definitely has [encouraged me to think more about history or to see things in a historical perspective. This course has made me appreciate history more. I even have considered taking another history course, which I didn’t coming into school.”
  • “After taking this course, I actually contemplated being a history major.”
  • “The firsthand accounts that were used to explain history offered a number of perspectives and really showed the way history can sometimes gloss over dissenting views.”
  • “It was difficult, but in a challenging way. I never felt like I was drowning, but you definitely need to go to class and do your work to get everything you can out of the course.”
  • “The readings and assignments were never hard to understand and they corresponded with the discussions and lectures given by the professor.”

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